Friday, March 25, 2011

We're so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully/Wonderfully pretty/Oh you know that I'd do anything for you - braised pork loin and kittens!

The last half of this week got a bit hectic so some meals have gone unrecorded. There wasn't too much of note, really, foodwise, other than this ice cream sundae we had for dessert last night - vanilla ice cream, freshly made salted caramel sauce and crumbled bacon. I had hoped a bit that it wouldn't taste that great because frankly, I don't really need an ice cream craving that is worse, calorically, than just regular ice cream. However, it really, really worked; the creamy sweet ice cream, the very slightly salty (but still very sweet) caramel and the salty, smokey bacon combined into a suprisingly complex flavor. Can't wait to have another one tonight.

There are three reasons for the hectic (in the best way) days and they are named (for now, anyway) Boomer, Apollo and Starbuck. We are fostering three six-week old kittens for Tenth Life Cat Rescue run by my friend Elizabeth Frick and her husband Adam. It's a wonderful operations, run on a shoestring, but taking in some very, very special cases in addition to kittens and cats who simply need [new] homes. I had been resisting doing foster work because I was afraid I'd get too attached and because Olive, our senior cat, generally hates other cats. Still, when presented with three adorable kittens earlier this week, I finally had to say yes. No regrets yet. These are three of the snuggliest, sweetest little things I've ever seen. Every single thing they do is cute, even pooping. For proof, here's Boomer:
And Apollo:
And Starbuck:
And yes, I was a complete nerd and named them after Battlestar Galactica characters.

Today I had to lure them into their crate with canned food and a fleece shirt of mine as bedding material so I could get some things done without them being underfoot. As it was, I was made immobile for quite some time, with kittens piled and snoozing on me. At any rate, I managed to get a pork loin, braised with red wine and potatoes and onions, into the oven. It baked at 250F for about 2.5 hours, ending up juicy and tender.

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Elizabeth Frick said...

aw, shucks. you're too kind! and a sucker for kittens apparently.