Monday, March 21, 2011

Lil' Thrift

I had a thrifting feeling today and experienced thrifters know that when you have the feeling you must answer the call. My feeling specifically was about St. Vincent dePaul and I did all right. I think what karma wanted me to find was  the bright pinkish red vintage Scottish mohair throw that the lady in front of me bought for $3. Damn damn damn. I don't think she even really knew what she had. I missed it by a matter of minutes. At any rate, here's what I got today.

Since this is flameproof, I think it will be perfect for heating up syrup.

The Boy loves nothing more than catering to my very specific requests about eating utensils. When I get a new (well, vintage) fork/spoon/knife I insist on only using it/them and he can never remember which one I want. Well, with five new forks, it should be a little easier on him.

I actually took a little time to look at books today and found some interesting ones. I wonder if that "Waiting for the End" one is famous/notorious?

And because Mr. Porter has been a topic of conversation lately and this sheet music book was so pretty, I had to have it.

After St. Vincent's I ran over to Big Lots and found a padded laptop case for only $10. Score!

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