Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beefy beef - Short ribs

As much as I know it's wrong, I love beef. I was a strict vegetarian for 12 years but suddenly, during a grocery store trip with my mom, I was staring at the sirloin longingly. She had never been a fan of the vegetarian lifestyle, so Mom encouraged me heartily to buy it. And I did. When the Boy (who was only vegetarian at home) arrived home that evening, I did a little jig with the steak. I expected to have some digestive issues that night, but nothing untoward happened and I was back on the junk permanently.

So, beef. Love it. I don't like the expensive, fancy stuff so much; I don't think a filet has much flavor and the big porterhouses and t-bones just don't seem worth the money most of the time. I love sirloin, but I can enjoy even the toughest of cuts. What I've been loving lately are these little boneless short ribs I can sometimes find. I don't like to pay full price (do I ever?), but I can occasionally find them at my store on sale (okay, on clearance). So for $3 or so, I get nearly a pound of really tasty beef. I've braised them and just grilled them and they are delicious either way, and rather tender.

Today I grilled them with lots of garlic and pepper, and served with steamed brocolli and corn with green peppers.
As an aside, may I say how much I love my Pasta Boat? I love it for cooking pasta and it steams vegetables like nobody's business. Totally worth $10, and I didn't even get an extra boat or a chopper with mine!

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