Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seeds! Seedlings! Plants!

I tend to be very enthusiastic about gardening in the early parts of the spring and then, when it gets hot and I'm working outside for eight hours every day anyway, I become a trifle less enthusiastic. But since it's very early spring and today's excellently warm weather inspired me (not to mention the cache of seeds I got at the Drop.Swap.Grow event a couple weeks ago), I bought myself a little greenhouse seed thingie and also made up a bunch of newspaper pots (very easy - go here to learn how) and nestled them in a pot tray I got from work.

As of today I have seeds planted for basil, dill, thyme, sweet banana peppers, Tabasco peppers, bush green beans, lavender, cucumbers, hyacinth beans and sugar snap peas. Who knows what happens next?

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