Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thrift store and more on a gorgeous Sunday, the first day of Spring...

We haven't been to the Fenton Value Village for weeks and weeks and since it was a perfect day for a nice drive, that's where our thrifting nose took us today. And we were not disappointed. Steve got a pile of books I didn't bother photographing and I got some great stuff. We even spent $40 which is outrageous in the Pick world of thrifting. But nothing was really a splurge; there was just a lot of good stuff.

This hat, for example:
 And this clear Lucite ice bucket - so mod!
Someone went to the Virgin Islands and all someone else got was these [lousy? no way!] trays:
Spice rack, bought mainly for the jars and because it cost less than $2!
I cannot resist a vintage gold purse, so I didn't. And a new silver makeup case and a Chanel-ish belt to wear around the hips.
I don't know how they function, but the form of these salad tongs is pretty amazing. Hopefully you can see that they are gold glitter Lucite!
My friend Elizabeth requested that I find her something ridiculously catty. This planter appeared early in the trip.
Three little bowls to match the pattern I've painted on the refrigerator!
Someone had stuffed this muumuu (or what my Grandma Brockmire would have called a housedress) into the middle of the winter coats, but the fabric was so incredible that it caught my eye and I snatched it up. The muumuu itself isn't in particularly good shape, but the fabric is fine, in more ways than one.
For the penultimate find, a full-sized gorgeously coral-y pink chenille bedspread. I cannot turn down vintage linens, reasonably priced.
And last but certainly not least, an oh so alluring (to me, anyway - I couldn't look away!) GE Versatron Bake-Broil-Toast oven. It's so beautiful in its utilitarian way with the turquoise, coral and light orange labels. And I love the metal, wood-grained top. And it was less than $4! And it works!

What more can you ask for on the first day of Spring?


Allison said...

Those oven buttons are the colors of my childhood!
Love the camel fabric, too!

erin ficke said...

1. i am obsessed with that ice bucket and the salad thongs. great find!

2. a friend of mine has an ENTIRE SET like those exact plates. serving dishes and all. i believe they were passed down through her family.

Cat Pick said...

That ice bucket is SO good! I am hoping to come across a set of those dishes someday...hopefully at an estate sale for $4 or something. :)