Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did they sing a million blessings as they watched us slowly part?/Do they keep those final kisses in their tiny racing hearts? - Vegetable soup

Today was bone chilling cold. Moreso because today was also my first day back and work and a certain portion of it was spent outside. It may have been nearly 40F, but it was really windy and there wasn't a lick of sunshine. I could feel the cold in my legs for about three hours after I got home. So, the only solution for that kind of cold is soup.

I poked around for what I had on hand and came up with hamburger for making vegetable beef soup. Add onions, carrots, celery, corn, green beans, and potatoes, plus some beef soup stock and tomato juice - you have soup. It did the trick.


Holly said...

Did you cook the hamburger first? Were the veg canned, fresh, frozen? This looks super yum - I need to make some!

Cat Pick said...

Sorry for not giving details, Hols! I browned the hamburger, then added onion and celery and fresh carrot and let that soften a little. Then the stock/broth, then frozen green beans and frozen corn. I happened to have some cooked, sliced potatoes so I added them last. You'd add raw ones at the same time. And if I'd had it on hand, I might've added some cabbage - it kind of cooks up and thickens the whole mess. :)