Saturday, March 31, 2007

More Score!

OK, so it doesn't really count as "found" if you pay for it, but what if you pay just a teeny, little bit for it? Today I had what I would call a really good estate sale/garage sale day. At the first stop, a sort of clearance sale for a lass moving to Cali, I quickly spotted this sweet ass enamel owl
charm on a chain.

Now, this thing is so cute, anything else I find today is gravy as far as I'm concerned. Picking further through the jewelry box, I came up with several other chain necklaces that I can either re-use as is or recycle the chain into totally new jewelry pieces. So exciting! Oooh, find the cute enamel strawberry in the photo, too.

After poking around in the backyard, we ventured into the basement where I found the lovely vintage silk necktie and the very, very exciting metal desk lamp! It's not working yet, but that could be just burnt out flourescent bulbs. Total cost at this sale: $3.00! (Probably could have been less but I offered another buck for three extra chains I dug out on our way out.)

At the next stop, an estate sale in a much less damp house (though the new paint smell tied with the mildew at the last house as equally icky), I got the full length red and blue robe made of a really cool double-faced thick cotton. It will become Cat's Amazing Technicolor Weirdocoat next fall (or the next cool day this spring). In addition, I got the vintage wood-handled bottle opener, the fluted pastry cutter with cool 70s plastic handle, a small strainer and an old corkscrew thingy, plus a beaker style measuring cup with measuring lines for cocoa and rice and oats, among other things. The nice lady running the sale threw in the two plastic birds. Total cost: $2.25!

Tomorrow, an artist's moving sale!

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