Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lost and Found?

On our frequent dog walks throughout our neighborhood, I prefer traveling via alley for a few reasons. Foxy Brown enjoys her communion with other dogs (as do I), backyards reveal more about the inhabitants of a house, and you can find cool stuff and weird junk in alleys. Having said that, I must also point out that the front yard of our house has somehow become a sort of halfway house depot for trash. I will walk out in the morning and find various food wrappers, newspaper pages and what have you, but nothing in front of any other house nearby. Why is that? Anyway, I thought I'd document the more interesting of these findings. I'm sad to say that I threw away a clear plastic pouch containing an oxygen tank tubing apparatus and on the same day I neglected to pick up a home made CD labeled "Aaliyah RIP 2001." but here's a piece of detritus that washed up on the shore of our front stoop. There's a Catholic church and a convent of sorts at the end of our block; I suppose this piece originated down there.

Today on our dog walk (in incredibly lovely weather -- spring is coming!) I found an old Royal typewriter suitcase, alas without the typewriter. Still, it's sturdy and from a good era of industrial design, so I had to bring it home.

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Anonymous said...

Tamela calls this kind of floating litter "urban tumbleweeds."