Wednesday, March 7, 2007

And Let Me Introduce to You...

...our pets. Such a blog cliche, but who can help posting photos of their adorable animals?

At the left we have Lydia, our 11 year old tortie who likes to pee, well, everywhere. Still, she's so sweet otherwise that we overlook it, to the detriment of our house.

And this lovely pile of fur is Olive, 10 years old and still an enigma to us. As sweet as she can be, I'm somewhat afraid of her. You don't want to be on her bad side.

Our sibling cats, Spidermonkey and Mr. Baby. Mr. Baby is perhaps, the perfect cat. He lets me hold him like a baby, he's funny, he's sweet and as you can see, he's pretty gorgeous. Spidermonkey is an odd little duck, alternately silly and super serious.

And here is Foxy Brown, whom we found as a puppy in our neighborhood and never claimed by anyone. Look at that face. How could we *not* keep her?

Here we have Brother Cat. He's not really our pet, but I've fed him outside for several years and he is pretty definitely the sibling (hence the name) of Spidermonkey and Mr. Baby.

And this is Pippin our sweet little green parakeet. He has a repetoire of cute sounds, most recently a sort of penguin squawk. I think it's from hearing Jon Stewart do Dick Cheney on the Daily Show.

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