Thursday, March 8, 2007

Finally got something done from start to finish

It took several hours and a backache, but I managed to make six handbags yesterday. Actually it was a two-day process as I did the appliques on Tuesday, then the decorative stitching over the appliques and the actual purse construction yesterday. Two of them even have leather handles! Thanks to the kindness, thoughfulness, and recyling nature of my friend Gina, I have piles and piles of gorgeous (and high quality!) interior decorating fabric samples, most of which are just the perfect size to make a cute little handbag. All the appliques on the bags shown here are constructed from vintage clothing I've rescued and put to new use.

At any rate, it's a start on getting things made for the Chilicraft show ( see Stuff and (Non) Sense for a link). There's also a strong possibility I'll be sharing a booth with Allison (mastermind of Chilicraft, by the way and proprietor of Squaresville - again, see the links over thurrrr) at this year's Earth Day event in Forest Park. What this all means is I have to get off my ass and get some shit done.

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