Friday, March 23, 2007

Mock, Yeah, Ing, Yeah, Bird, Yeah. Yeah, Yeah.

The loveliest mockingbird took up residence in the big tree-bush right outside our front window sometime late last fall. I'm pretty sure there is a nest, but I don't want to poke around for fear of frightening him. Throughout the winter he was relatively silent, much to my dismay. He must be quite young, as he's still rather small, but he is so beautiful -- that gorgeous taupe body and those striking and surprising white and black stripes on the wings. Since there is at least one cat (sometimes two) hanging around our front porch a couple times a day, I kept expecting the bird to move on; I'm so happy he hasn't. In the last few weeks, he has begun to really sing and it's been so sweet. Perhaps the cutest thing is that he and Pippin (our parakeet) have begun to communicate. The mockingbird has begun imitating Pippin's calls so they go back and forth. Pippin gets very excited about it and as far as I can tell, the mockingbird seems to enjoy himself as well. It's very, very cute. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an entire family of mockingbirds soon! I attempted to take some photos today, but he's very shy when I have the camera in my hands.

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Allison said...

I think mockingbirds like fruit, so if you have old apples from Bread Co., cut them up and toss them outside.
Of course, possums, raccoons, and rats will also eat fruit, so....