Friday, February 25, 2011


We did a little bit of thrift shopping this week so I thought I would post some photos - of things we bought and things we didn't.

At the Salvation Army on Cherokee I snatched these off the rack and was terribly excited when they fit perfectly.
Vintage red Famolare mocs, for $2.99! The Boy finds them hideous, and I admit they are a million miles from sexy, but I love them. I had Famolare sandals when I was in 8th gtrade and I adored them. I have to get used to the rolling gait again, though.

Also at the Salvation Army I found a few pieces of interesting glassware. I've recently become a little obsessed with glassware printed with gold (and often black) and suddenly I seem to be coming across odd pieces here and there. I shall be mixing some VIP cocktails soon. And maybe storing some candy in that fancy jar.

I was sad to realize, once I got it home, that the refrigerator container has a big crack in it. So, I can't safely put any foodstuffs in it, but I will surely find some use for it. Maybe sweetener packets...
I wanted these plates (there are six), but I have absolutely no room (nor need) for more dinner plates. Plus, I thought they were a little expensive at six for $4.49. The Vegas mug had a really good graphic, but the style of the cup itself wasn't so great.

I did get these weird mugs that turned out to be from some chocolate online site. They are shaped like cacao beans. You're supposed to warm up your hands when you drink from the cups, yada yada yada. They were two for 69 cents so I had to buy them just to figure out what the hell they were.

Next we  headed to St. Vincent dePaul and the lesson I learned is to wait to check out until one of the dudes in charge are working the cash register. They do creative things with prices, generally in the consumer's favor. The other gals do not. Ah well, it's for charity, right?

I found yet another Tiganello purse (my third). This one came with a pink rosary and a St. Thomas handkerchief. I really like this one and the leather is nice and thick.

This sweater is sort of ugly/good, but since it cost 25 cents, I figured I could take the plunge. I'm hoping I can cut off the neck band and the cuffs and have something better. Maybe I'll even make it into a cardigan...Again, for 25 cents, it's a minor loss if it doesn't turn out.

I also found a few shirts for the Boy, which aren't very interesting, as they are contemporary, but were certainly good deals.

The Boy goes to thrift stores for books and he did pretty well this time out. If nothing else, the graphic designs are top notch.

 A couple of books I didn't buy, because I have no desire to re-visit the subject, were two math books I'm pretty certain were part of my curriculum. The design is lovely, but that's all I remember.
  And last but not least, if you have smallish feet, you might want to go pick up these British creepers.


Holly said...

I love your thrifty adventures! I hit the Salvation Army yesterday on my way home from work and scored a few nice things - my favorite though a Swedish door harp. It's uber cute but won't be going on a door, it's going to pretend it's Dutch and hang out with my Dutch boy and girl on the kitchen wall. Yay for comfy shoes!

Cat Pick said...

Which SA? I haven't actually been to the Forest Park location in years. It's never been a favorite but it is moving to the old SVdP location, so that will be better probably.