Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tell her that I'm not in here/tell her I'm a freak/tell her that I fall about every time I speak/she has got in for me/yeah I mean it honestly/I just scream - Grilled chicken

When it's 70F in February, you have to make hay while the sun, literally, shines. So even though it's dark this time of year by the time I'm thinking about cooking dinner, I still wanted to cook some bone-in chicken breasts on the grill. Grilled chicken, even more than pork steaks, signals warm weather to me. So, I threw a couple on the grill, got out the flashlight to check on doneness and popped some more sweet potatoes in the microwave because you can never have too many sweet potatoes.

While I was grilling, I sipped on my new favorite drink, the limoncello fizz. I poured some homemade limoncello over ice, added a splash of lemon juice and then filled to the top of the glass with club soda. So lemony and fresh and bubbly!

I stressed myself out yesterday worrying about the purchase of a new laptop. Long story short, I went from choosing a used Macbook circa 2007 to buying a new, albeit refurbished, Macbook Pro this morning. And I cannot wait to get it! It's due on Friday and I suspect that I will drive myself crazy waiting for that delicious, aluminum covered machine to arrive. I love my battered little iBook, but I certainly am looking forward to having a laptop that can actually run video, has a power cord that doesn't have to be repeatedly manipulated to work (currently it's taped to the monitor) and has keys  that I don't have to write the letters on with a Sharpie. And while I was at it, I finally bought a new printer too. Let's hope this one lasts longer than the piece of shite Lexmark that crapped out in just a little over one year.

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