Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everything...everything...everything...everything in its right place - Hawaiian plate dinner

Yesterday was a day of waiting, waiting, waiting. I only had to wait a little while till the new laptop got delivered (oh thank you, FedEx overlords, for delivering to our neighborhood so early!) and I pulled my new little darling out of the box and got to work. As usual, I underestimated the amount of work and overestimated my skill that it would take to get her (she is called Big Kitten, if you must know) up and running. Cut to eight or so hours later and I was still waiting to get it right. In my zealous attempts to do it myself (I was feeling very Stuart - "look what I can do!") I had done some confusing and, well, wrong things. Since I was chronicaling, to an extent, my troubles on Facebook, a kind soul came to my rescue.

When the phone consultation proved to be inadequate for the amount of work to be done/corrected, an in-person consult was required. After a few hours, which included taking apart the old G4 and pulling out the hard drive to extract the information, it was 11:30pm, but the job was done. Thanks, Russell, you saved me!

Somewhere amid all the computer madness I had decided to make a dinner that replicated my food truck lunch in Portland at 808 Grinds. That would be a Hawaiian plate lunch with shoyu chicken, macaroni salad and white rice. Even though Steve had to be in charge of baking the chicken and cooking the rice, and we didn't eat until nearly midnight, I think it turned out all right.
This morning I was looking forward to getting back to the laptop to play, but I was also thinking I wanted something warm for breakfast. Suddenly I thought of cinnamon raisin biscuits.
Now, to crawl around on the floor and set up a wireless printer. Woo hoo!

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