Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Need a Fix 'Cause I'm Going Down/Down to the Bits That I Left Uptown - Steak

Tonight for dinner I just wanted something simple and, well, meaty. I had gotten a sirloin steak out of the freezer yesterday, but by dinnertime I was feeling sick and not up to cooking, but all I could think of was the lovely steak in the refrigerator. Yeah, I know.

And because I stared all day at the photo of the French roasted potatoes up there at the top of the blog, I had to make them as well. I got the recipe from the Huffington Post: Cube potatoes, roast on a cookie sheet with oil and salt at a fairly high temperature (400F) till brown and crispy. While they are roasting, get out a food processor and add a couple cloves of garlic, a glob of mayonnaise, a bit of milk and some pepper. Process till smooth. When the potatoes are done, put them in a bowl and drizzle with the dressing. Yum!

I like steak very simple; sprinkled with a commercial steak seasoning (Durkee Steak Seasoning), and, in the cold months, put on the ole George Forman grill for a few minutes. It's not quite as good as outside grilling, but it's a damn good substitute. As another side, the Boy chose Brussels sprouts over salad and that was a simple matter of steaming them in the microwave and tossing with some salt and butter when they were done.

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