Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a cashmeracle!

I am well aware that I neglected to write yesterday. It was not because it was a bad day or even a neutral day. It was a perfectly good day (despite the fact that the satellite dish people never showed up or called to cancel - seriously, three inches of snow stops everything?) but I didn't get a chance to post and then I opted to go to bed at the same time as Steve so I didn't keep him up too long or disturb his sleep with my light. So, it was a very good thing to go to sleep spooning him with Mr. Baby spooning me.

Another good thing was the Martini Chicken I made for dinner. Boneless chicken breast sauteed with gin, vermouth and olives! Genius!

Today we woke to many more inches of stupid snow. The only good thing about it is that it's not the usual kind of snow we get here. Rather than the heavy, wet stuff, this is again the very dry, very light fluffy variety. I shoveled our walk in just a few minutes, nearly effortlessly. Whole shovelfuls weighed nothing and were easy to toss to the side. If I was a completely different person, sledding or skiing in this stuff might have actually been fun. But I'm not so I did neither. Tomorrow I may need to dig my car out and drive, just because.

Weeks ago I bought an ugly men's mock neck gray sweater at a thrift store for a couple bucks. Since it was cashmere and in perfect shape so it was worth having for the fabric alone. I had intended to felt it and make it into a cardigan but I kept putting off washing it. It was so soft and felting would spoil that.

Today I decided to forego the felting and simply convert the icky mock neck into a nice pullover for me. This is what I started with:

First I cut off the ribbing at the next and added a little slit right in front. Next I removed the band of (overly tight) ribbing at the bottom and finally I got rid of the ribbed cufffs, leaving me with this:

It's already much improved, right? Finally, I added a turquoise blanket stitch around all the raw edges.

And now I have a cute, comfy, slightly oversized cashmere tunic. I'm debating the addition of some other embroidery -- perhaps a leafy vine and simple flowers? But simple may be better.

Otherwise, life is good. My desires were exceeded in various ways, putting me into a bit of a satisfied haze. I'm a lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl.

Ooooh, and I discovered two new bands: Modern Skirts and Sounds Under Radio. Considering I just pulled them off the New shelf at the station, which is always a crap shoot, it was surprising to find two in one week that I actually really liked.

Tomorrow I vow to draw and paint. And I will hazard a hope that I hear from the Naughti Gras people early.


liquidink said...

Sweet! You may have redeemed men's mock turtleneck status for me. There's hope for them, yet!

Cat Pick said...

I really can't understand why anyone buys them. Most unflattering neckline EVER.