Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Asserveration - Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ok, I'm late posting this and while my main source of positivity yesterday happened to the entire world (and I think you know what I mean), it was personally a darker day than I would have liked. After some serious wallowing and questioning of my own sanity, things settled down a bit and I managed to push myself over to the positive side. Forgiveness and understanding are my friends.

We were tentatively planning on attending an inauguration party last night, but as I dread parties in the best of times, I asked to switch out our plans for finally seeing Slumdog Millionaire. So happy I did! What a great movie. Plus the cute girl at the concession stand was a fan of our radio shows and it's never a bad thing to hear a compliment.

And then, just to squeeze out another little bit of happiness, we watched the lastest episode of "Fringe," a show that has my favorite character on TV - the absolutely wonderful Walter Bishop. Walter has the best quotes and non sequiturs ever. I will just say, "You are like a question machine!" Every episode gives me at least one opportunity to exclaim, "God, I LOVE Walter!" Ask Steve, he'll confirm.

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