Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drawering and painting

A couple years ago, Steve bought a stash of journals at an estate sale. They dated from the mid to late 1920s and were written by a teenage girl who lived around Bowling Green, MO. He read them all cover to cover and I remember his constant reports on her activities (she wrote nearly every day). This sounds so odd now, but she went to town nearly every night to go to the movies - a different couple of movies every day. She went on lots of dates, attended a lot of church activities and dances and, in general, seemed to have very little down time.

At some point recently I got the idea that I'd like to try drawing and painting on the pages. Normally I don't like desecrating vintage items, but I was compelled. Here're the results of my first attempt.

Jealous Again - watercolor/pencil on paper

Red Siamese - watercolor/pencil on paper.

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amanda said...

i want to read the rest of the journals!! love the paintings, btw, but seriously, I was squinting to read the writing, too.