Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily Asserveration - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today I have three things that particularly pleased me. The first is that I woke to find video recordings of band practices from 1995 posted on Facebook by our old friend (and Steve's former co-worker) Chris. The band was the Pelvic Marvels, which were resurrected from the first incarnation in the 80s. It was a hoot, holding those practices, and we had a great time. And, most importantly, they were a catalyst to Steve and I thinking of each other that way.

Second was that on some days the machines like me very much. Or at least they are willing to cooperate with me. How much do I love Skype and VOIP? A lot! I can talk to my Scottish Correspondent, halfway around the world, for free, and it sounds like he is just down the street. Actually, the connection is better than most local cell phone calls.

Third was that I had the urge to draw and paint and I did it and I'm moderately happy with the results. So, basically, I'm really happy to be moderately happy in this case. Got it? Good. Here's what I ended up with today.

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