Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yeah no one likes a smartarse but we all like stars/that wasn't my intention, I did it for a reason/it must have got mixed up/strangled beaten up

Today we went to Crestwood Mall (or whatever the sad thing is called these days) to meet Steve's family for a Mother's Day lunch at a rather bad restaurant called Fletcher's. (Steve found a bread wrapper twist-tie in his pasta...we didn't know it was a bad restaurant beforehand.) I haven't been to a mall in months and it's always a little bit fun to look into the stores even though I have pretty much learned to hate shopping.

Since the heyday of last spring/summer, I've neglected my search for found objects. Well, I don't guess one actually searches for found objects, but you know what I mean. On our trip out of the mall, I spotted something sitting on the outside window ledge of the Disney store. It was this:

I'm only slightly ashamed to say I hurried over to the ledge and snatched the horse up before its rightful owner could reclaim it. There was no question in my mind that I had to have it. Check out that face! That suspicious horse eye, just like the real thing. As a self-proclaimed (laughingly so, I assure you) horse whisperer, I have been given that stink-eye by many a horse.

But it is that time of year for found objects and I hope to keep adding to my collection in the coming weeks.

After scoring the horse, we wandered into Forever 21, my favorite age-inappropriate mall store. I managed to find a six dollar blue track jacket with double white stripes down each arm, stand up collar, ruching along the bustline and an adorable silver heart shaped zipper pull. On a blue streak, I also got a cute short blue dress with handy side pockets for a ridiculously cheap 12 bucks. Gotta love the F21.

We hightailed it out of the mostly depressing mall after that and headed towards the warm weather mecca of St. Louis: Ted Drewes. Yum. Carb and sugar overload, but so good. Not exactly warm weather today though; in fact it was rather horrible out what with the gloom and cold and rain. The sun is now trying to peek out from between the clouds and I can't complain about that. I'm so tired of this gloom. More than a couple days of cloudy, dark weather and my mood plummets. I'm hoping for blue skies, sunshine and warm temps tomorrow.

On the Michael front? He's given me a challenge: find him a serious boyfriend before the end of June and he'll stay. He's mostly joking, but I'm now accepting applications. Seriously.

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