Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Sunday dawned with both Steve and me off from work. Yay! First stop, back to my work to load up on caffeine and the miracle that is my company's +Energy supplement. It's a wonder, I assure you. A little visiting with Michael, Lisa and Emily and then on to an estate sale, our first of the year. This was in the rather schmancy neighborhood off Wydown, just west of Big Bend. Most things were priced ridiculously high - a sheared beaver coat for almost $10,000????? Seriously? The house had lots of art reproductions, weird Louis XIV style furniture, and most frightening of all, a table in the basement laden with surgical and medical equipment, including an evil-looking heavy metal speculum. *Shudder.*

I didn't get too much at the sale, but my money got me this:

I have no idea what this book is about, but holy cow! how about that overwhelming amount of phallic imagery? The tool belt, the tool, the smoke, the scarf, the spikes and, oh, maybe the GIANT POLE he's hanging from. Wow.

And I can never resist random boxes of old sewing stuff:

I haven't even had a chance to root through this stuff yet. Can't wait to examine all the buttons. The little leather case holds a bunch of pretty and odd keys. I love old keys.

I also got a set of tiny tin molds (what were those things for?), a vintage paring knife and a couple of gifts that I must not reveal here. So, all in all, not a bad haul.

Next stop was Trader Joe's for stocking up on cheap wine and good frozen stuff and Dierberg's for various groceries. Woo hoo! Aren't we some kind of party animals? At least we made it home before the torrential rain started.

Now I must stop dicking around on the computer and try to be creative...wish me luck.

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