Monday, May 26, 2008


I woke up this morning with the word internecine reverberating in my head, not even sure of its definition. I suppose it's not entirely unlikely since I had a weird night of sleeping/not sleeping, my in between dreams so vivid I was quite sure I had never been asleep at all. Well, except when I awoke from a dream of myself and Colin Farrell starring in an action comedy. Sadly, I cannot recall the plot, but it was funny, and better than your average Colin Farrell movie.

Maybe the constant loud thunderclaps and torrential rains contributed to putting such a violent word in my head. Steve was similarly affected: he dreamed he was an assassin (he cannot recall his target) trying to prove his innocence despite a swastika and a scrap of paper with the words "harmony in my head" written on it found in his car. Of course it makes no sense, but it's odd that the Buzzcocks figured in his dream.

Not much else to say. I have to prepare a crock pot of soup before I head out to work. No three day weekends for retail wage slaves...

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