Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So the maples formed a union/And demanded equal rights/The oaks are just too greedy/We will make them give us light

Today has been a rather blissful day off. The weather is perfect -- bright and sunny and just warm enough for shorts but not so hot the leather seats in my car burn my bare legs. I've been putting off planting anything in my many outdoor pots because I haven't had time and the weather has been so awful. But lying in bed this morning I decided that the time had come. After chugging an iced latte with the best invention known to man, the powdered energy additive, I took off for my first stop, Home Depot. I didn't find much there; things were either unpriced, which I really hate, or they were overpriced. I did buy a strawberry pot and a couple geraniums, but nothing else. Next stop, Bayer's, where I should have just gone first. The herb selection was a little less than I would have liked, but I got some good stuff and the prices were right.

Then an afternoon of chatting online, an evening of grilling and wine and a girl can't ask for more.

I had to take photos...

A pink geranium paired with asparagus fern.

Variegated coleus and a false (or Mexican) heather.

A gorgeous, dusty pink lisianthus (seriously, the photo doesn't do the color justice) paired again with asparagus fern.

A white geranium, it's concrete pot surrounded by the wild ivy that is overtaking the house.

Mmmmm, dill! After I got home with this, I noticed I had three dill seedlings springing up in last year's pots. Guess my plant last year spread its seed.

This is some new kind of basil, paired with the teeny-leafed creeping thyme I planted last year.

It's probably fruitless (ha ha), but I had to buy these pickling cucumber plants. Hopefully I'll get them to bear a bountiful harvest of cukes. Homegrown Sub-Continentals!

My spindly serrano pepper plant. I have four altogether, so I'm sure I'll get something.

More coleus.

Rosemary, planted in an antique enamel chamber pot. I don't particularly like the taste of rosemary, but I love the scent.

And finally, my view of the sky, from the backyard deck, through our three big trees.


Anonymous said...

My favorite nursery is The Flower Box on Morganford at Holly Hills. The plants are typically in great shape, they have a good selection, and the people are nice & quite knowledgeable. For my front containers, I got spikes, lobelia & red/white petunias. And I think I'm gonna get New Guinea Impatiens for my hanging basket. They are so beautiful.


Allison said...

You quoted Rush! Now I know why I like you!
If you get a tomato plant, I will foster it for ya.
I also deal with The Flower Box and like them.

Cat Pick said...

I like the Flower Box too but I didn't want to go that far. Actually, I didn't think of it yesterday. I used to like the place on Watson and Fyler, but I got tired of their high prices.

Allison, I was eyeing a Mr. Stripey tomato plant yesterday. Any experience with those?

Allison said...

No, but let's try it!