Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No blue cars will run my world/no playboys will black my word/i would walk a million smiles/for one of your miles bob/stop

I spent the first half of my day off yesterday visiting my mom for a slightly post-Mother's Day celebration. As usual, she made it difficult to celebrate her. I arrived to find two of her ginormous and delicious apple dumplings ready to take home for Steve's and my dessert. Then she suggested we do a little shopping before going out to lunch. Even though I am, ahem, of a certain age, my mom still insists on buying me stuff when we go shopping. And being the baby of the family, I am apparently unable to resist.

Not able to justify the purchase of a completely impractical, but highly desireable pair of shoes, I allowed Mom to treat me. Just look at 'em:

You understand; I could not resist these. I have a thing for metallic shoes. They're like catnip. I've not really been into much of the '70s-styled stuff, but these made the cut.

After our shopping trip, which took much longer than either of us realized, we headed for lunch at La Carreta, a Mexican joint in a typical St. Charles strip mall. I was rather charmed when the host/server referred to us as "senioritas" and "amigas". It was cute, what can I say? Lunch was delicious and ridiculously cheap and it was really good to spend some time with my mom alone. However, the check came and she absolutely refused to let me pay. Mom! She's immovable when she's decided something (hmmmm, something else I've inherited, perhaps?), so I had no choice. And you know, I didn't really get spoiled when I was a kid due to certain circumstances -- I'm not too old to enjoy it now.

In other news, Michael has not been amused by any attempts to keep him here in St. Louis (by me or anyone else), so I have stopped making any comments or actions in that regard. I do sense him pulling away from me emotionally and physically as I've hardly talked to him in days. I'm not sure whose benefit he's doing it for, or even if he realizes he's doing it. I'm hoping for things to normalize soon so that we can actually enjoy the time we have left to spend together. We work together Saturday morning, so we'll have a good deal of alone time to discuss the situation. And you know I love discussing situations.

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dana said...

LOVE the shoes! Nice choice.