Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wake Up, Charlie! Let's Go to Candy Mountain!

Yesterday I spent the daytime hours in an extended online psychoanalysis session with a friend. It wasn't on purpose; it just evolved from our conversation and I ended up having at least two epiphanies about a lifetime of my behaviors. It was quite revealing, upsetting and relieving at the same time. Remember that sun analogy about me a while ago? Well, I'm not sure I applied it in quite the right way when I received it. During the course of the conversation yesterday I realized that I was always looking at things solely from the point of view of the sun; I've only thought of burning, not the burned. Or something like that. I'm not sure I'm ready to articulate it all yet.

Here's the other thing that's mildly interesting; I have four tattoos and, arguably, all four of them have an aspect of the sun about them. Two overtly and two implicitly. Is it possible I've just realized this? How stupid does that make me look? But on the other hand, whoa. Did my subconscious place me at the center of my universe long before I realized I had done it? So I want the world to revolve around me; is that so wrong?

After the hours of analysis, I had an evening of working with Michael ahead of me. It was just the two of us for several hours - talking, bickering, gossiping, laughing. It was barely like work and, in reality, it was barely like work. Both of us, separately with a different co-worker, are able to get out of the store barely one half hour after closing, the store looking great. Last night it took us nearly 50 minutes to get everything done. D'oh!

We had decided we were going to go out afterwards and we decided on the Loading Zone again. Steve opted to meet us there and we headed down the street to start drinking. The bartenders were adorable, the patrons were okay looking except for one beautiful emo-haired boy. Some guy growled at me as I waited for the bathroom to become available. I'd like to think it was a sexy growl, not a 'get out of my gay bar, vagina-bearer' growl. Later he came and managed to touch Steve, me and Michael a few times in passing. Strange guy. At any rate, we got drunk. Kind of stinking drunk. The drinks were going down like water and they kept coming. While I'm a tad hung over today, I don't regret a moment. It's been a while since we've just sat in a bar and drank and laughed and acted silly and I was really happy to have Steve and Michael there to do it with. And this time there were no bitchy old queens who made their nasty little dog try to bite me, unlike the last time were at the Zone.

Re: the headline? Go to and search for 'candy mountain.' And then search for 'charlie bit my finger.'

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dana said...

Whoa, dude! You might not be into this, or think I'm nuts, or both, but depending where you want to go with your epiphany, now would be a really interesting time for an astrology reading.