Saturday, November 10, 2007

When I watch you move and I can't think straight

Remember Mazzy Star? Remember their album So Tonight That I May See, a lovely (and perhaps the best) example of dream pop? Anway, here they are performing "Into Dust" from an episode of 120 Minutes.

Nothing much up in these parts. As I type I can smell my delicious turkey meatloaf cooking away in the oven and the potatoes boiling on the stovetop. Hungry! Work has been somewhat uneventful -- always a good thing. The social life has been non-existent mostly. I love my husband and he's going to look really good in his new jeans (they arrived today!) and coat.

Moonlight kind of got on my nerves this week. I really can't stand Shannyn Sossamon much and she was at the forefront. Boo hiss to Coraline storylines. Alex O. looked kind of awful with his 50s pompadour and tropical shirt in the flashback scenes. Clothes and hair often do make the man.

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