Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What if I fell to the floor, couldn't take all this anymore

Here's what I started with around noon today. I thought I'd pull out most everything I have and hope for some inspiration.

It looks more contained in the photo; it felt kind of chaotic, but then my work areas usually are. I'm not a particularly tidy worker. I'm always organized in my own way, I guess. Anyway, five and a half hours later I had made these four necklaces.

I'm pretty happy with them. I wish I could have worked faster and got more done, but alas, I was a slowpoke today.

What I discovered today is that I clearly favor a certain color palate without even realizing it. I most always mix my own clay colors and that was no exception the other day. What I was sort of surprised to learn is that I had beads to match already. Makes me feel a little predictable, but I suppose that's not the issue. More so that I have a color point of view, I guess. I do know I love rich golds and reds and especially blue-greens and turquoises paired with browns.

Anyway, whether these are Ziezo material or not, I do not know.

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