Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beware of the bottles that say "drink me"

Mostly getting older isn't so bad. A lot of things are put into better perspective simply with time, I'm kind of enjoying the texture and sheen the greys are adding to my hair, sex just gets better and better, and I've stopped worrying what other people think (honestly, though, on that front I've never cared much). However, some of the physical aspects, not so much. I've had arthritis for well over a decade now (thanks, Grandma A.!), I often feel creaky in the morning, my body has changed shape (I suppose very very vigorous workouts could only slightly alter that), my periods are rather troublesome (heavier and with teenage-stylee [i.e., bad] cramps) and various other aches and pains have taken hold. Lately I have had a weakness and slight pain in my left arm. Today that pain has intensified. At work this morning it was a sharp ache that has now changed into a dull ache with a sort of numbness down my arm. Should I do something about it or hope it goes away, my usual m.o.? I feel sort of like age demands that I pay more attention to these things just in case. I guess I will if this continues. My arms hurts and it's making me a little crabby. At least it's my left arm.

Maybe this will make me feel better. Screen caps from the latest episode of Moonlight.

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