Monday, November 19, 2007

Going to a Gocco

Today I threw caution to the wind, fear of mistakes and failure went out the door and I broke out the Gocco to make some greeting/note cards to put on consignment at Subterranean Books. I spent much of the day yesterday avoiding the Gocco, though I did finalize a Christmas card design. I was just too afraid to actually use the machine yesterday. Which turned out to be completely foolish because it is so easy to use and get good results. Check out my bird card (which will be further embellished with hand-painted elements) and my guitar design card. Like everyone else who gets one, I LOVE MY GOCCO! I also found this really nice pearlescent card stock, though you can't really see that in the photo.

Now I need to get my ass in gear and into the kitchen to start cooking Steve's birthday dinner of grilled shrimp, salad and portobella cream pasta.

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dana said...

Yay! The cards look great! I'm SO glad that the gocco is easy to use. After a post-holiday hiatus, I will fear not and give it a go.