Monday, November 5, 2007

Just being human is so lame

OK, first off off let me say I just discovered a strange, lumpy, itchy bite on the inside of my thigh, surrounded by what appears to be bruising. What the fuck? It's itching like crazy. But that's neither here nor there. Unless, of course, I die from it.

Second, it's been a hell of a long time since I've written. I've spent plenty of time doing useless things on the computer lately, but I guess I didn't feel up to putting any actual sentences together.

My 44th birthday has come and gone. Good times were had at Tucker's that evening. Mostly fruitless shopping was done that day. I still haven't really picked out a gift from Steve, though I'm in search of a particular silver ring, as seen on TV (I'll get to that in a minute). I did get some fab black sheep fleece-lined boots (Ugg style) and some similar clogs with bday money from my mom. Love love love the boots. Will probably wear them for some part of every day until May when it gets too hot for them.

The biggest birthday suprise was from Dana. At the tail end of a really great dinner out at Vito's (plenty o' delish wine and pizza) she presented me with a large gift wrapped box. To my absolute surprise and and GIGANTIC delight, inside was a Print Gocco, a Japanese screen print kit designed to make small designs on paper. I have been coveting one of these for quite some time and Dana had tried to wrangle a couple for us last year. When she cancelled her business trip to Japan this fall, I figured I would just wait till the next time she went. Well, she managed to get her co-workers to acquire the kits and so completely generously gave me mine for my birthday. I was stunned and so completely pleased. Now I just hope I can create some good things with it. I have a Christmas card design envisioned...

In the past few weeks I have become OBSESSED with the TV show Moonlight and its star, Alex O'Loughlin. OB-SESSED. I've searched zillions of Internet pages to find a ring like his character wears, not to mention trolling the fan pages for tidbits of useless information. Seriously, Alex is one of the hottest (if not the hottest) actors I've ever seen. He pushes my buttons, you could say. Check him out for yourself.

The show isn't great, but it has a few things going for it. One is, well DUH, do you have eyes? Secondly, the character played by Alex, Mick St. John, is a vampire PI. I've read a good amount of vampire fiction, seen the movies and have eroticized vampires for a very looooooong time now. (Oh, in how many fantasies have I uttered "turn me, please turn me!" to my vampire paramour?) Third, the female lead, Sophia Myles, certainly isn't terrible to look at. And fourth, a supporting character, a 400 year old vampire pal of Mick's, is played by Jason Dohring, also known as bad boy Logan from Veronica Mars. Jason's pretty much playing the same character, albeit with better clothes. Love him, though he sort of looks like a boyish boy next to the uber manly manliness of Alex.

Anyway, I suppose one of the reasons I have so totally immersed myself in this show and that gorgeous man is that it's a stress deflector. My stupid job continues to stress me out on too many occasions though I am trying to let other people's stupid shit slide off of me. That's never been my forte, but I know I can't do it any other way any more or I'll just be a big pile of upset nerves. Wish me luck, huh?


Allison said...

It's about time you posted, dang!

That guy looks like Steve, no wonder you dig him!

Stress? I have a massive bruise from breaking up a fight Friday. I dodged the racist white parent tonight at conferences. Why send your kid to my school if you harbor those ideas?
Let us not discuss stress when there is only one can of Coke (which Matt will want later) in the house to mix with rum.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that I did not forget or ignore your birthday. i'm gonna get you & steve a combo gift again this year b/c I couldn't think of anything that you might want.

Dana said...

So glad you were surprised and pleased with the gocco!!!! We must watch the video soon. You know that's got to be entertaining. :P

Cat Pick said...

Allison: You should talk, blog slacker! But hey, you're right, Steve and Alex are kind of a type. At least I'm consistent!
And yikes, Brittany Woods is going crazy. Fights and racists, oh my!

Heather: I don't worry about such things, ever!

Dana: Definitely wanna watch the video craziness. I have some time tomorrow to actually explore the Gocco. Not that I'll actually do anything yet, but at least I'll try to figure out the parts!