Thursday, November 29, 2007

I fought the law and the law won

Many weeks ago I got a speeding ticket in U City on my way to work at the store whose name we will not mention. Because I didn't want any points on my license or for our insurance to go up (again - I got a highway speeding ticket a few months prior), we did the lawyer thing and got the ticket knocked down to some sort of parking violation. It still cost plenty, paying the lawyer fees and the still not inconsiderable fine. I thought everything was fine and dandy and taken care of. So the other night I'm driving home from work at 10:45p and I call home to check in. Steve announces, haltingly, that something must have happened to the check he sent because there is now a warrant out for my arrest for unpaid fines in U City. OK, I know these things are commonplace, but I have never had a warrant out for my arrest and it's kind of unnerving. Today we have to go to the U City court clerk and pay it in person. Of course, since it's "late" we have to pay more. Whole lot of old bullshit and the last thing I want to spend what little free time I have these days.


Allison said...

U. City cops are no joke. I managed to get out of my ticket (after they lowered the speed limit without my knowing it) by telling the judge I was a teacher in the district. He felt sorry for me and I just had to pay the court costs.
Slow down in the Loop!

Cat Pick said...

They actually got me on Pershing between Forest Park and Hanley. Frankly, I thought I was in Clayton. :)