Saturday, June 9, 2007

Yard Sale-ing

Not a fantastic set of yard sales today, but I did find perhaps the Best Frisbee (or Flying Disc to be more generic) Ever. Yes, you are seeing it correctly: this is a rubber chicken-coated flying disc. Add a little dog slobber to this thing and that rubbery skin will feel like the real thing. Foxy Brown loves her Frisbees more than anything else and I can't wait to throw this one around the back yard. In the house she's a little wary of the Chicken, but outside whe was in chicken heaven. She loved it. It was hard at first for her to get hold of it (it's HEAVY), but once she got the trick, she was in love. She even made a couple of airborne saves, which had to hurt.

Some fabric, a tangle of gold and silver chains and a couple of books made up the rest of my small booty today. But isn't that Saki cover fantastic?

Thanks to Olive for serving as my photo backdrop today!

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