Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Allison sent me a photo of my tomato plant growing in her garden. Why is Allison growing "my" tomatoes? Because she was kind enough to offer her plentiful sunshine and green thumb to the service of homegrown tomatoes (one of the best foods ever, by the way). So check out this monster of a plant. It is loaded with green fruit. I can only hold my breath till they turn green (and pray that Maggie the dog chases away all the evil squirrels).

In other news, the job is going okay -- there's just so much of it. To be thrown into full time labor after a year of loafing is kind of shocking to my system. All of my other functions are shutting down for the time being. I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed and unfocused towards anything else so I have a sub for my radio show this week and I decided to bail on selling at the Tower Grove Farmers Market this Saturday. Saturday is my one day off in eight days -- even when I worked full time I never worked that many days in a row -- so I need a break and a day with no responsibilities.

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Allison said...

There was another victim yesterday. When it stops raining, Operation Tomato Warrior is ON!
Tonight? 7?