Saturday, June 2, 2007

Last night, she said: "Oh, baby, I feel so down. See, it turns me off, when I feel left out"

I don't even like the Strokes, but that song just popped into my head whilst thinking about a title for this entry. And as far as Strokes songs go, that's not a terrible one.

So, speaking of last night, we had a good time during and after spinning CDs at the Royale. Probably more fun than we've had in a long while, really. It was so nice to be outside on the patio even though a threatened storm scared almost everyone inside for a bit. They could still hear us, we just couldn't see the absolute joy on their faces when we made perfect segues. Ha! Who am I kidding? I think we do a fine job, but we rarely see much reaction from the patrons. I was happy to see the waitresses doing little dances throughout the evening because I am happy most when we entertain the staff.

We had lots of friends around and that always makes it more fun. So thanks to Heather, Dana and Roy, Allison and Matt, and Laurene and Dan for coming and hanging out. We stayed until nearly 12:30a, a rare occasion as of late as we have been ducking out as soon as we're done at 10p. The weather was so gorgeous after the storm passed over that sitting outside was irresistible. And may I suggest that if you are in the company of Allison at an appropriate location, give her a mint julep. Amusements will ensue! Myself, I ushered in the summer with the superb Subcontinentals of the Royale. Best summer drink ever; comprised of freshly juiced cucumber, gin, Cointreau, simple syrup and lime. And perhaps the most beautiful, with it's lovely green hue. When the Royale first opened, I was so taken with the Subcontinental that I went out and bought myself a juicer so that I could have Subcontinentals whenever I pleased, without leaving the house. I remember one night when I had consumed several while sitting at the bar; we had to leave to go to Frederick's but I had just gotten a fresh one; the lovely bartender popped it into a go cup and I happily snuck it into Frederick's (I must say they didn't really care) where I offered everyone I knew a taste. That might have been the same very hot night that I was photographed lovingly hugging a metal pail full of ice. That pail of ice was my best friend.

Today I have to search for practical (but probably ugly) shoes for work.

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Allison said...

I am the most fun drunk any of you will ever meet. And if I ever get my Madonna prom dress costume back from Tanya, look out Southside!