Saturday, June 9, 2007


Out of some sort of nervous energy (job related and I'll get to it in a moment) I got the notion yesterday afternoon that I should make a rag rug. I've never made a rag rug, but I have lots of clothes that can be torn up and it didn't seem hard. And I was originally thinking of braiding strips of fabric and then winding them up, sewing as I went along. Luckily, a quick check of the Intarweb revealed that an even easier rag rug can be made by a simple single crochet pattern. You still start with strips, but you don't have to do anything more complicated to 'em than a single crochet stitch. The mostly mindless process is just exactly what I was looking for as I've become a bit of a nervous wreck over this job business.

First off, let me say that I'm 99.8% certain that I'm going to love my job. Eventually. Right now I'm in the training phase, at a company that takes training really seriously. I'm not good at not immediately knowing everything about everything at a new job. I don't like the learning curve. I don't like being the person who can't do something (at least not the proper, corporate-approved way). So, I've had a rather high anxiety level the last couple of weeks. So high that a couple of fever blisters popped out on my chin. Oh boy! I always get fever blisters when I'm stressed out to my maximum. Funny thing is, I didn't actually feel stressed when I got them last weekend. This week, though, my stress was not taking a back seat. In just a week I really got used to the people at the store I was working at and now the plan is to ship me off to another store full of strangers and I'm freaking out. Then I'm freaking out further because the manager of the store full of strangers hasn't called me to schedule any hours next week and that's just not going to work. Not only do I need to work to continue my training and learn the frakking job, but I need the money! I really hope it will work out. The idea of juggling possibly two part time jobs is going to cause another fever blister to break out on me and I'd just rather not deal with that.

I put down my rag rug for a moment earlier, to pace, to fret, to cry a little and to call my manager to see what's what and today's TM blog star, Olive, decided it was the best bed ever. So far I've used three dresses and one skirt. How big will I make it? I have the fabric to keep going for quite some time...

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Allison said...

I love the rug! My mom made chair cushions in that same manner. Perhaps they were crocheted too, now that I think of it.