Friday, June 22, 2007

So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for yooooouuuu

While my working conditions improved tenfold as the week progressed, I'm still quite unsure of where I'll be after my hours today. I have nothing scheduled, nor do I know in what location I might be working. It has been proposed that I stay where I am and start training to be a shift manager. I'm all for this advancement, but it sure would be nice to just exist a bit, post-training, and assert myself in the store so that I'm perceived as something else than a trainee to kick around. I have definitely been at the mercy of the whims of a few co-workers this week and, yeah, I could do without that for just a bit. But I guess I have to take an opportunity when it's offered. At least I've finally gotten paid.

What else is going on? In my misery of last Monday I neglected to mention the fun birthday party for Matt R. last Saturday. We stayed out until almost 3:00 a.m. -- that hasn't happened in months. It was so nice to be able to hang with our friend Amanda, who we don't see nearly often enough these days, plus everyone else there. And Allison, as always, is the most amusing drunk. "Hell yeah, I'm having another gin and tonic!"

Am I using the existence of a job as an excuse to ignore my crafty/entrepreneurial life? Or am I legitimately preoccupied? It's hard to say. I have a show coming up on June 30 but I haven't done a thing new for it. Part of that is that I have just about EVERYTHING I frantically made for Gypsy Caravan so I don't need more inventory. It's also partly that I'm just not feeling creative. Now, if someone wanted to cut endless strips of fabric for me, I'd love to keep making rag rugs. Since the process of cutting the strips is way longer than the process of crocheting the actual rugs, I sort of burnt out on that pretty fast. I do not often enjoy projects that require a lot of preparation. Am I going to use working as an excuse to give it all up? I feel there's the potential for that happening, but I suppose since I'm aware of it, a part of me doesn't want to give it up completely. We'll see if I'm able to get my shit together enough to decide if I want to be part of a show in August. That might be the litmus test.


Allison said...

No, you do not want to give it all up!
I have my own lil' sweatshop this summer, so if you want fabric torn into strips, I've got 31 middle schoolers under the guise of an art class.
Alas, my eyes are bigger than my liver.
And, I love that song you used for the title!

Cat Pick said...

Hmmm, I could really put your 7th graders to work tearing strips? That is pretty damn appealing. I'll get back to you on that (or I will deliver a pile of clothing to be torn!).