Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The 19th Day

So, I'm checking the calendar to see if I am at the Everybody Hates Me point in my cycle or if, indeed, everybody does hate me. I am at that point in my cycle, but perhaps I've become less loveable as well? It's certainly a viable argument. A new job takes a lot of my available social energy (and even on a good day I don't have that much of it lately) and I suppose I' have retreated so I shouldn't be surprised that I feel a bit cut off. I probably shouldn't have this internal conversation at this particular point in my cycle, but alas, since I am at this point in my cycle, it's unavoidable as I am often included in the "everybody" of the everybody hates me time. The most important observation is that I have not taken my Maca Root for a week or so because I thought it was upsetting my stomach. When I take the Maca Root I do not have EHM days. I think I'm gonna go take some Maca Root.

Missed photo opportunity of the week: a teeny, tiny baby preying mantis sitting on a brick on the railing of our deck. The cutest wee thing was sadly gone by the time I came back with my camera. I don't remember ever seeing a grown mantis in the yard, but I have seen an egg pouch hatch once; scores of even teenier newborns pouring out of that thing. So scary and cute at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I do not hate you. Can't comment about your cycle, but I mos def think you're one of the coolest people I know. Would like to see you out more.

Cat Pick said...

Thank you, Heather. You're too sweet. My cycle has already entered its next phase so the EHM feeling is pretty much spent for the month, thank goodness.

JeffCWE said...

Hi Cat - I'll try this again...I don't think my first one today went through. I wanted to stop by the Royale last Friday, but had to go out of town for my brother's 40th (he's the Chief of Police at THE Lake). After reading some of your blog postings regarding your pechant for estate sale findings, I had a small gift that I thought you would like. Drop me an email at to let me know where your new "daily grind" will be in the CWE. I promise not to drop by the first day or week (unless it's accidentally...I've been know to get around the 'hood). And, regarding your blog entry "The 19th Day" how could anyone hate you??? You know I've always been one of your biggest fans. PS - Could it be 25 years ago this week/month/day that we graduated from high school hell...?).

Allison said...

I hate you for seeing a baby praying mantis, but you can hate me for having almost-tame robins that sit and watch me weed.

Cat Pick said...

Those robins are just waiting for the worms, baby! But I'm still jealous.

I had to chase a squirrel out of my kitchen just a little bit ago. He was about to help himself to dog bones.