Saturday, September 3, 2011

Too hot to write/Too cool to care about writing today

Without getting terribly descriptive, here's our "lobster" (you know, that surimi stuff) salad hoagies and Caesar salad (I forgot to link to the dressing recipe last time - I followed this fairly strictly [for a change]).
 Tonight I (again) waited till the last minute to decide what was for dinner and had the Boy go on a search mission in the freezer for some sort of protein. He came up with some boneless skinless chicken breasts, and he had brought home some fresh asparagus, so I thought a stirfry with kung pao sauce over rice noodles sounded like a delicious idea. I was right!
Later, there shall be strawberry scented cake with a creamy vanilla-y frosting. And coffee. It's my Friday night and I don't want to sleep it away!

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