Monday, September 19, 2011

Meatless Monday - Cheese broccoli soup and baquettes

Have you seen Pinterest? It's a different kind of social networking site, one in which you "pin" photos onto your "boards" and share them with your followers. Your boards can be any category you like, but the most popular seem to be food/recipes, clothing, and cute animals. I have come across a lot of really great sounding recipes and sometimes they must be made pronto (you might remember the homemade Butterfingers...). Since it was Meatless Monday today when I came across the cheese broccoli soup recipe that someone pinned it sounded like just the ticket. And I remembered coming across a recipe recently for 30 minute baguettes so I put that on the menu too.

The soup is seriously the best cheese broccoli soup I've ever had. I did make a couple of changes - I used all milk and no half-and-half, and I used 8 oz. of sharp cheddar and about 4 oz. of 2% Velveeta. I also didn't add the cardamom because I was too lazy to poke around in my cabinet to find it, and I didn't add any hot sauce because it just seemed to taste too good without it.

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