Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Thriftin'

After the deluge of yesterday's rain left me with little to do at work today, I was home well before lunch time. As the Boy was off work entirely, we decided to trek to Fenton to the far flung Value Village, with a stop off at Target to check out the dregs of the Missoni collection. And it was the dregs. No adult clothes were left other than a few lingerie items, there were some kid clothes, a few comforter sets, some plates and a few hair accessories. Some of it was cute, some not so much. I'll be checking the clearance racks for the odd item in the coming weeks.

I have a little superstition regarding my thrift store excursions that I will confess to. It's bad luck, as far as I'm concerned, to get a shopping cart when I first get in a thrift store. That guarantees that I won't find a thing to put into the cart. So I don't get a cart until my hands are too full. It does mean an annoying walk back through the store nearly every time, but I just can't risk it any other way. It's silly, but pretty much my only superstition.

Today was a pretty good thrifting day, though mostly for new-ish rather than vintage items. Shoes for me, shirts for the Boy.
 I finally found a pair of Danskos that work for me! And for $3!
OK, these surely aren't sexy, but they are super comfortable, I like the overall style and they are slides which I love - easy on, easy off.
Two shirts that will fit the giant Boy, at 50% off!
I have no idea what this dish was originally for, but it looks like it came off of a spaceship, so of course I love it.
An assortment of things including a vintage eyeglass case (dig that print!), wooden S&P shakers, cute mug, and a vintage flour sifter. I can't believe that I don't have one of those already.
Funny little Lefton ceramic kitchen plaques.

Painted wooden bowl of an indeterminate ethnic origin.

Some magazines and a sewing book I got a couple weeks ago from St. Vincent de Paul. Not shown is another Better Homes & Gardens from 1974 with, basically, an article on upcycling!

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