Tuesday, June 21, 2011

White chalk, written on red brick/Our love, told in a heart/It's there, drawn in the playground/Love, kiss, hate or adore - Smoked sausage and lentils

I had to get dinner together in a hurry today as the Boy was planning on heading out early to see Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt at the Fox. First I got a little steak out of the freezer, but soon enough that didn't seem like a good idea and I thought of the beef smoked sausage still in the freezer and of the lentils in the pantry. I love lentils. When I was vegetarian I ate what seemed like a ton of lentils; they are delicious and filling and super easy and quick to cook. Today's had dried minced onions (to lazy to slice up a fresh onion), sliced carrots, garlic, beef bullion, salt and pepper and some time to cook. Oh, and sliced beef smoked sausage as well.

And a salad, as usual.

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