Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday I Have Thrifting on My Mind

I was home early from work, the Boy was off work, the rain had stopped. We had a couple of errands to take care of and then it seemed natural to run to St. Vincent de Paul for a bit of rummaging through the thrift.

They have this fabulous bin at the front of the store full of purses for 25 cents each. I'm crazy for thrift store purses, particularly at a price which barely computes as costing anything at all. I'm even more crazy lately for '70s/'80s clutches.
All of the wall art is currently 50% off, which made this photograph of Union Station marked at $3 a serious bargain.
How about a Lefton crazy eyed cat planter?
If you doubt the crazy eyes...
Once I knew the origins/make of this planter. Now I cannot recall. Can anyone help me?
I recently coveted the wooden vessel collection of some anonymous online entity. I am on my way to acquiring my own. I love this rustic bowl (and the MCM spreader in it).
Boomer likes the bowl too. Fits her perfectly.
Foxy Brown thought Boomer might be a tasty meal.

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