Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blow you a kiss/it will reach you tomorrow/as it flies from/the other side of the world

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already. I had a lovely and boisterous day with my family, with lots of food, plenty of drink and a rather drunken and jovial game of Mexican Train (trust me, I was disappointed to find out it wasn't a naughty game - you use dominos). The members of my family actually living in St. Louis seems to be dwindling every year and it makes these holidays even more special.

I sat around in a post-holiday mope yesterday for some reason. Perhaps it was just a low-level hang over. At any, I didn't do a whole lot with my day; I certainly did not go shopping and take part that which is known as Black Friday.

This morning, however, I awoke with great anticipation about doing my absolute favorite shopping of the year. Craft Alliance in University City has an annual pottery sale the weekend after Thanksgiving every year. I've gone for years, buying gifts for my family and many things for myself as well. Considering that I normally go for the streamlined, modern design of the mid-century, it continually surprises me that I love the organic earthiness of handmade pottery. I swear that things taste better when eaten or drunk out of my pieces. It's always freezing cold on the front patio of Craft Alliance, but I think that helps me get into the Christmas spirit as it's generally the first holiday shopping I've done. Dana met me this morning and I introduced her to my $10 and under method of shopping. There are so many gorgeous things in that range that I rarely need to spend more for an individual piece. Without further ado, here's what I got.

Also this weekend was the Rock 'n Roll Craft Show. Last year it depressed me that I didn't participate. This year I felt invigorated and inspired and I will submit to be included next year. I won't let myself down again and I'm resolved to start compiling inventory as soon as I can. I only got a couple of things at the show; the thing is that I can resist most items at RnRCS because, I tell myself, I could make them myself. Not that I will, but I could (and not everything, of course). What I find curious is that while I love pottery, I really have no desire to make it myself so I'm happy buying the work of other artists. At any rate, I did get a couple things - a handbound book made from an vintage book, and a lovely pair of earrings with teeny peridot and peachy briolettes.

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