Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Only love/Can make it rain/The way the beach is kissed by the sea/Only love/Can make it rain/Like the sweat of lovers/Laying in the fields

I wish I didn't have to struggle so hard to muster my energy to write or draw or paint or make jewelry or whatever. There was a time when that energy just poured out of me -- I honestly didn't feel like I could have stopped even if I'd wanted to. Do we all have a finite amount of creativity inside? Are all the things we're born to do just up in our brains, rattling around till it's their turn to emerge?

Yesterday it took me about three hours to write a 300 word blog post for the KDHX blog. That's not even beginning to count the hours I spent in the previous couple of weeks agonizing over what I would even write about. I am very envious of Steve, who seems to write as naturally as he breathes. I can't even imagine.

Last night I knew that today I wanted to draw. I didn't even begin to think about it until almost noon today. Then various things distracted me (I'm easily distracted at that point in the process) and I didn't get back to it until after 8pm. But after a couple of trials, ideas popped out. I liked the, I pursued then and I might even be able to give a credible explanation as to their deeper meaning. These first two pictures are the preliminaries. The last four are just awaiting paint.

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