Monday, November 24, 2008

Estate sale-in'

We went to an estate sale in Affton yesterday and it turned out to be a fairly good one. It took me a very long time to go through all the costume jewelry. Unfortunately, though the jewelry gave me the idea that the house would hold much goodness in the area of accessories, purses and shoes, the jewelry was just about the only thing that interested me. There was even a surprising lack of good kitchen stuff. But I did gorge a little on the jewelry so I'm not complaining.

I had to be judicious when confronted with a box full of really cute and unusual shot glasses. I wanted them all -- had no use, nor any room, for any of them but these three were irresistible.

I wish this had a lid, but I had to have it regardless. A bulldog head teapot. Bet you never said those words together before.

My favorite kind of recipe booklet, vintage and focused. Many of the meat recipes call for the addition of lard. How great is that?

A bin full of playing cards yielded these beauties.

And this, a Ladies Home Journal from July, 1965 featuring an article by Kingsley Amis (!!!) entitled "Does James Bond Really Hate Women?" (For the record, my answer to that question is "Fuck yeah, he does.")

Now, on to the jewelry. First is this weird spinning bubble thing. I believe that's some kind of sacred heart of Jesus image on one side. I'm not sure what's on the other. Anyone have the facts on something like this?

I'm not sure of the age of this funny little brass bird and nest pendant. It looks pretty modern.

I will put this funny little ball pendant (about as big around as a quarter) on a long gold chain.

I'm not sure what to think of this odd snail pin. I think it might be fairly good quality as the little open portion is actually wire wrapped rather than molded. I can't find any markings on it though.

I love these earrings and I hope a dip in Coca-Cola will bring back their lustre. Yes, real Coke is like a miracle when used to clean mucky jewelry.

And this, a very unusual piece of jewelry. A chunky chain bracelet with a little (relatively) music box attached. The music box is not little when compared to most things that hang off of bracelets, just as compared to music boxes. I haven't gotten it to work enough to discern the tune, unfortunately. (I just took some time to get it to play the full tune and sadly I don't recognize it. It's lovely though, in that macabre, music box way.) There were once stones mounted in the center of that starburst, but they've long since fallen out. I think it's pretty without them.

How lucky was it to find a Scorpio signet ring?

Another religious piece. Until I looked at this very closely, I thought it was just a pin with a turquoise coloured enamel center. Then I realized it was some kind of Mary thing. Again, anyone have any insight?

Last but not least, this long gold chain with little amber and gold disks hanging from it.

And finally, I must get my hands on this book.


Allison said...

LOVE, love, love the bird nest!
What a great sale!

I will have to tell you about the great Mary medallion my grandma found in her basement and which I wore for years until losing it in the dining hall at college:(
It still hurts 17 years later. Wow, am I that old?!

Cat Pick said...

Hey, what is New Hope and do you know yet why you're wistful?

Allison said...

Oh, New Hope is the town I went to school in. I think the wistfulness comes from seeing all those folks I went to h.s. with.
I only see my family once a year, and I'm wondering if maybe I need a visit to PA at Christmas.

dana said...

LUV the religious jewelry finds! I have a hoard of this kind of stuff....I actually have one of those spinner pendants, as well as a spinner dashboard Jesus. I don't know who else is on yours....or on mine, for that matter. Some frakking saint or other!