Monday, November 3, 2008

Too pissed to find an appropriate song lyric title.

Why am I pissed, you ask? Please, sit back, relax and let me tell you.

Early yesterday morning I declared the impending need for a new printer. Our old PC has completely crashed and neither of our laptops are compatible with the old printer so we've been unable to print for weeks, but it has only been an issue a couple of times. Now, though, I need a printer for business reasons and it's time. Ideally I wished for a wireless printer so I wouldn't have to drag my laptop around the house and be a slave to the USB cord. Steve went online to do some research and soon had a couple models that were quite inexpensive and we planned to head out when the stores opened and pick one up. Several minutes later I noticed he was still intently studying his laptop screen so I asked him what he was doing. Somewhat sheepishly he showed me a page of large flat screen TVs and said he wanted one. Who was I to argue? I love TV and our current model, while ginormous, has gotten old and the picture is not nearly as sharp as it should be. And it has been driving him batty lately.

So we head to the closest megaelectronicstore after a turn around the Whole Paycheckfoods grocery store and start the excruciating process of being swarmed with salesmen and offered extras and ridiculous warranties. I escaped to grab my printer and luckily the whole trip only ended up taking about 50 minutes. It could have been much worse. Much worse, like today.

Yesterday had it's painful times, like when my laptop refused to link wirelessly to the new printer, repeatedly. Whereas Steve took about two minutes to get his connected. Sometimes it's not an easy place for a Mac owned by a woman who has too much electricity in her body. Finally, after tearing my hair out and making my arse ache after spending hours sitting on the hardwood floor, I finally got it to work. Today, however, who knows? I've currently lost my connection to our own wifi and am connected onto our neighbor's unsecured network.

The giant, beautifully pictured TV wasn't enough for Steve. Noooooooo, he wanted to switch to HD satellite service right away and managed to get an appointment, on a Sunday, for today. Now in what frakking world do you call your satellite provider on SUNDAY, and get an appointment for the next day? In the world of Cat torture is where. Steve is well aware that I hate dealing with repairmen, plumbers, painters, canvassers, the lot. Not just hate -- I will hide in rooms, quivering like Laura from The Glass Menagerie when given the chance. Well not today, my friends, not today. Steve made this appointment for today knowing he was working at noon. Leaving me to the travails of a stranger in my house; to the cats terrified and hiding; to me unable to even take a piss because I'm afraid that will be the moment he needs to come in the house. As I write this, there is a man in my living room, 8 feet from me. TALKING TO ME. The horror! All for this:

UPDATE: The horrible little man asked to use the bathroom. If that wasn't enough, when he came back downstairs he announced that he wasn't able to flush and that he might have broken the toilet. I'm quite proud of myself that I didn't just start screaming and chase him out of my house at this point. After a few false starts, he finally did get things working, though not without yet another delay that caused me to snap rather sharply at him. Then he finally left. Then he came back. Because he had left his mobile on my coffee table. Then a bit later he called me. Then he called again.

And yes, that is an image from Battlestar Galactica. Which brings me to part two of the Why I Hate Today rant. Because we have to get an entirely new DVR box to accommodate the HD, we lose everything we have recorded on the old DVR. Which includes every episode of season four of BSG -- a season not released on DVD yet. Episodes that I haven't properly watched multiple times to get every ounce of meaning from them. So today, at least, I managed to watch the last, heart wrenching episode again before I had to give them all up.

I know I will love the HDTV eventually, but it's going to take a while to get over the miseries of today. Which isn't over yet because the man is still in my living room. I think this may be his first day on the job. Kill me now, please.


Pollux said...




I want an HDTV! If it gets you an HDTV, I'd say hush up and deal!!!


Allison said...

Oh. My. God. Your post makes me itch. I hate waiting for repairmen too.
We've just spent a week with a new, yet sluggish router. Matt spent 4 hours fussing with it before he finally returned it to the mega office supply store for a different one. Are computers against us this week?

And the toilet? You must call that guy's boss and complain. I believe it goes against Repairman Code to ask to use the loo.
I am imagining you throwing his cell phone out the door at him. It's a good image :)

Cat Pick said...

The HD is rather incredible (she says as there is yet another satellite man standing in her living at this very moment), but until there are no more strangers prowling around my house, I will not be able to fully enjoy it.

The worst thing about yesterday's guy is that he was so hapless that it was hard to be completely angry at him. He just seemed kind of *special*.