Thursday, December 4, 2008

Something is not right with me/something is not right with me/something is not right with me/how was I supposed to know?

It's been ages since Steve and I have had the time and inclination to head to the coffeehouse for a bit of laptop assholery, but today is the day. I haven't been motivated to do much other than write some emails, chat a little, work on a long poem, obsessively check Facebook and listen to Cold War Kids Loyalty to Loyalty on repeat. Oh, and drink a couple lattes.

After the gloom and rain of yesterday, the sharp cold of today is tempered by the brilliance of the sun and the bright blue of the sky. I have a seat looking out a big window and I've just realized that the trees are mostly devoid of leaves (when did that happen) and I'm digging their skeletal silhouettes against the sky. I constantly wonder how people survive in the daily gloom of the Pacific Northwest. Just one day of darkness yesterday and I was thrown into a pit of despair. All the caffeine and fresh salmon in the world can't combat the lack of sunshine, as far as I'm concerned.

Yesterday I seriously failed at a crafting, artistic endeavor and it made me feel like shit. Today I may be unable to get the right words for the poem, but the sunshine makes up for it.

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