Saturday, December 13, 2008

The seasons evolve to a freeze/Putting hearts in the balance here/It's up to your knees/And it's shifting degrees/And it's choking your atmosphere

I'm fighting illness and not liking it one little bit. My head feels like it's stuffed with oddly heavy cotton wool. This morning when I first got out of bed, I lurched around like a drunken sailor because I was so woozy and dizzy. It has turned into a weird headache and it's annoying.

However, it didn't stop me from meeting Allison at an estate sale (the online photos of items for sale had some real promise) and getting my thrift on. I can't show photos of everything I got, because, well, that would spoil some surprises. But there are some cool things I can show.

These have to to be the four prettiest handkerchiefs I've ever seen. I wish the dark brown with the tan and robin's egg stripes was a piece of clothing I could wear. They are also made of fine, fine cotton that feels so amazing.

There was a closet. In this closet were many clothes made of very bad polyester. There were, however, two absolutely amazing metallic brocade gowns that were sorely tempting. I didn't let myself buy either of them (maybe tomorrow on the half price day!), but I did get this awesome red wool coat (by Penguin!). How did the universe know I needed a casual winter coat? How? How? The same way the universe knew Allison needed a roasting pan complete with rack, I guess. At any rate, I love the bright gold buttons and the lumberjacky plaid lining. Oooh and there are zippered slits on either side for sitting! A true car coat.

I love vintage tablecloths and it's always nice to find ones in good shape and without stains. This one has such lovely colors.

And finally, I have a grave weakness for embroidered pillowcases and this white on white pair (with hearts!) was irresistible.

And now, I have to tear myself away from terrible reality TV ("Stylista" no less) and head to the kitchen to make fudge and truffles.


Allison said...

Did you get the pink gloves that were in the pockets?

Cat Pick said...

I did! I figured they would have tried to charge me more for them, but they didn't!