Monday, May 21, 2007


Today I had a job interview for a type of work I've never done before - retail/restaurant. It's been over a year since I've even thought about a job interview and I wasn't necessarily prepared for the formality of this one. I had to answer a whole bunch of those scary behavioral questions - lord knows if I answered in such a way as to make someone want to employ me. I felt like I was babbling and struggling for the "right" answers sometimes. At any rate, I'm going for a second interview on Wednesday, so I must not have been that bad, right?

At an early age, I got sort of caught up in my office work and never explored the retail world though I always wanted to. Back in the day, I used to beg my friend Steve (my future husband) to let me wait on customers at the old, smaller Vintage Vinyl on weekend nights. I LOVED it. Why I didn't stop the office work then and there and pursue other avenues, I don't know. I certainly wasn't making that much money yet. Several years later I would beg my ex-husband Tony to let me wait on customers at West End Wax and again, I loved doing it. Loved making the small talk about their purchases and just being friendly. Which is weird because at, say, a party, I am completely incompetent at small talk and being friendly to strangers. Somehow being behind that counter empowers me to be much less shy. I guess it happens now at ye olde crafte boothe too. At least I like to think I'm friendly and approachable. Though I know I could be more chatty, sometimes I think people would prefer a helpful silence. At least I tell myself that.

Anyway, wish me luck for Wednesday!

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good luck!!