Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Highs and (kind of) Lows

My sales were pretty awful yesterday at the Gypsy Caravan in regards to my actual creations. The saving grace was that I decided to take a little of the vintage clothing and accessories I've accumulated through the years with me to sell. I happily sold my completely fabulous Elsa Schiaparelli feathered hat and shocking Schiaparelli pink hatbox to a lovely and tiny lady who I know will actually wear it with verve and aplomb. I wish I would have had my camera because she looked absolutely fantastic in it. I also somewhat reluctantly sold a gorgeous sleeveless, full skirted striped vintage 50s/60s dress to a beautiful young girl who will properly enjoy it. This dress is historic for me as I wore it to a momentous Big Black/Scratch Acid show in Chicago. That weekend my first husband, Tony, and I, stayed with Steve Albini himself and had a fantastic time. Coincidentally enough, I think it was Memorial Day weekend. Check out CW11's coverage, particularly the lovely Squaresville's Allison being interviewed and the quick shot of Ahimsa's sock monkeys!

Anyway, it was fun to hang with the St. Louis Craft Mafia and the weather turned out nice, albeit hot and rather steamy. Considering that we were setting up on Sunday in pouring rain, we were happier to be hot than wet.

In the good news department, I got that retail/restaurant job I applied for, though not at the location I thought I would be. I'm really excited and I go in on Thursday to fill out my new hire papers! Once I determine I'm not doing anything against company policy, I'll tell you who I'm working for. I really can't wait, though I'm nervous to have a schedule again. I've been footloose and fancy free for over a year now so it's going to be an adjustment. But we totally need the money and the benefits so I'm game for a new adventure. Me, behind a counter! Finally!

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